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What Do Stanley Steamers and Stephen King Have in Common?

Photography, steam cars, and a haunted hotel all have something in common–a pair of brothers born in 1849.  The Stanley Brothers Freelan Oscar and his identical twin brother Francis Edgar were two of six children born to Solomon P. Stanley II and Apphia Kezar Stanley... Read More

What is the Paris Climate Agreement?

Things are heating up. With news of big oil companies wanting Trump to stay in the Paris Climate Agreement, all eyes are on the president waiting to see what he decides. If Trump pulls American from the deal, more than just the environment can... Read More

Petroleum Product of the Week: Lip Balm

My brother once told me I was addicted to lip balm. He wasn’t making fun of me—he meant it. I had become dependent on the stuff. My lips stopped producing oils, he’d said. I don’t know how true that is, but I found it... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Microfibers and Their Impact on Ocean Life

Here’s a statistic for you: 95% of waterways’ plastic pollution comes from microfibers. This is compared to the 5% produced by microbeads—the little beads found in many exfoliating face washes. I’ve often questioned my choice in facewash because of the microbeads, which have been... Read More

Understanding Lubricants: Solid and Dry Film Lubricants

When we think of lubricants, we tend to think more along the lines of fluids–substances that are fluid and free-flowing, rather than solid or dry. We think of hydraulic fluids, engine oils, gear lubricants, jellies, and greases. But sometimes these fluid lubricants aren’t enough... Read More

Petroleum Product of the Week: Easter

When it comes to traditions, there is no holiday more colorful than Easter. Between the brightly dyed eggs, baskets full of multicolored grass, special flowers, and all kinds of yummy goodies, rebirth has never looked—or tasted—so good. The way we celebrate Easter today is the result... Read More

What Exactly Are Sponge Parks?

When I first heard the term “sponge park” I envisioned children running around in a park pretty much made of sponges. In my mind, it was a water park, of sorts. Children bounced around on soft sponges and soaked them in water to play... Read More

Where Are Don Draper’s Accounts Today?

There was a period of time when I wanted to move to New York and be a big-time advertising gal. I had dreams of slipping away for lunchtime cocktail meetings and clicking my way through a marble-floored lobby to take the elevator to my... Read More

Petroleum Product of the Week: Bicycles

As the weather warms, it’s time to bring out our bicycles and get back to riding! There’s nothing—to me—that’s more peaceful than riding my bike along the riverfront on a nice, warm day. There’s so much that goes into making bikes, and they are... Read More

Oil Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: New Diesel and Gasoline Engine Oil Specifications

Selecting the right oil for your vehicle is critical in ensuring it remains a smooth-running and well-oiled machine. And just as your engine oil gets old and needs to be replaced every so often, so, too, do the standards for both passenger car and... Read More
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